Soft washing your roof is one of the best ways to keep it clean and extend its life. However, the top of your home is one of the most difficult and perilous areas to clean. The soft-wash methods for cleaning that Pro Exteriors Pressure Washing uses are some of the most effective cleaning solutions in the business for keeping your property looking great. Best of all, you can stay safely on the ground while our expert cleaners do the dirty work!

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning

Your roof takes quite a beating protecting your home and its contents. Dirt, grime and organic matter such as Gloeocapsa magma, moss lichen, algae, mildew and more can feed on roofs and break down their structure, thereby shortening its lifespan. In fact, the dark streaks you may have on your roof usually mean you have organic matter growing there.

Getting your roof in order with a thorough washing, along with an overall exterior cleaning, will enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as its value. You’ll also preserve your roof’s warranty, as many asphalt roofing manufacturers will void the claim on defective roofing materials if your roof is extremely dirty.

Why Cleaning Roof With Softwash Systems Is Best

Cleaning a roof surface through power washing is tricky. Many pressure washers will exert a stream of water that is too strong and ultimately damage the shingles, terra cotta tiles or whatever type of roof your home has. That’s why we have the soft-washing option. Soft washing is one of the best methods for cleaning, as the pressure used is set to a lower PSI that is still strong enough to clean black streaks and eliminate other roof stains without causing any damage.

Contact Pro Exterior Pressure Washing today to learn more about our soft wash service for roofs. We will be glad to further explain the process to you and prepare a free estimate that is sure to fit your budget. We can also combine a soft wash for your home with other exterior pressure washing services to give your home a sparklingly clean look. Call today for a free estimate!